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combit Report Server 3 comes with even more sophisticated technology and over 20 new features. The new features include assistants for lightning-fast ad-hoc design, new data sources, and numerous improvements to the Report Server Designer. The Report Server was recently awarded the distinction of "Big Data Rising Star Germany" for its high performance.

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Rapid compilation and visually sophisticated reports — that is combit Report Server's core competency. Use the ad-hoc Designer to instantly implement your ideas or the powerful Report Server Designer for sophisticated reports. Both will ensure you generate compelling reports.


Ad-hoc Designer

Design assistants help you rapidly create lists and charts independent of the Report Server Designer. For more complex tasks, you can switch over to the powerful Report Server Designer at any time.

Nested Tables

Nested Tables

Wouldn't it be useful to simply list the corresponding products and their revenue next to the category in the Designer? Nested tables make it possible. Tables in columns can even contain sub-tables.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting

Properties such as colors, font attributes, formatting and borders can be made dependent on a single value. A typical example: Targets that have been met are displayed in green. In combit Report Server 3, conditional formatting is now straightforward - without complicated conditions.

Digital Signature Field for PDF Export

Digital Signature Field for PDF Export

PDFs can now contain a field for a digital signature or a digital certificate. A click on the signature field is all you need to trigger the signing process.

Error List Window

Consolidating Formula Errors

All report errors are now consolidated and displayed in a single window - along with appropriate solutions - which greatly facilitates report design.

Special Values for Reporting Parameters

Default Values for Report Parameters

Default parameters preconfigured in the Designer can now also be used directly in the Report Server, e.g. for planned reports. Previously, for reports utilizing report parameters, certain values were to be determined or configured in the Report Server.

Drag & Drop Fields

Drag & Drop Improvements

To add variables to existing paragraphs, simply drag & drop variables on them. Tables can also be created in the blink of an eye by selecting fields and dragging them to the workspace.



A major priority in the Report Server development is ensuring it is always easy to operate and intuitive for end users. This makes combit's BI software an ideal self-service reporting tool for all types of users.

New Look

The combit Report Server 3 user interface now has a cleaner and more user-friendly look.

Modern UI for the Reporting Server

Data-based Triggers

Changes in the data source trigger reports — or not, as the case may be. If a project filter in a report template does not supply any data, this report does not need to be distributed. This takes place via the interaction between multiple features in the Report Server in accordance with the principles of "data-driven reporting".

Databased trigger

Thumbnails in Preview

Thumbnails make it easy to maintain an overview, particularly for reports with multiple pages. This also helps you navigate the report quickly and with greater precision.

Thumbnails in preview

Direct Export from Preview

You can now easily perform exports directly from the preview. The configured export profiles will be used for this purpose.

Export from preview

Real Data Preview

Up to now, only the page layout was saved in the Designer. For improved visualization, preview images (sketches) with real data will now be displayed. Previews of the first page will be created each time a PDF or image is printed, as well as by the real data preview.

Real data preview

Improved Export Profiles

The PDF, RTF, HTML and Excel export profiles were revised and improved. For example, both PNG images and Type 3 fonts are now supported for PDF exports.

Enhanced export prfiles

Data Sources

The range of supported data sources in the combit Report Server is outstanding. Furthermore, assistants are also available for effortless generation of queries. What's more, users now have the ability to define their own relations. This allows anyone to become a reporting pro – even without previous IT knowledge!

Query Assistant

Query Assistant

The Query Assistant allows you to effortlessly create queries which can be converted into SQL queries. MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL/MariaDB are supported. You do not require any knowledge of SQL to use this feature.

New data provider: Google Analytics

New Data Source:
Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics interface, you can now utilize the analysis of your website's data traffic in your reports. The data source is based on the features of Google's Query Explorer.

New data sources

New Data Sources: Microsoft SharePoint, Cassandra, MariaDB

combit Report Server now also provides interfaces for the following data sources: Microsoft SharePoint, Cassandra, and MariaDB.

Relation definitions

Defining Custom Relations

You can now define your own relations for displaying hierarchical structures in reports. All you need to do for this function is select the relevant tables and fields.

Scheme output with SQL Server, DB2 & Oracle

Specifying Schemas for SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle

Schemas refer to a type of category for tables/views in a database. By entering schema names separated by a comma, you can reduce the reduce the number of views and tables. This feature can provide a clearer overview and increase processing speed, particularly in relatively large databases.

In-Memory Modus for data sources

In-Memory Mode for Data Sources

As a rule, the order of data entries is transferred from the data source. The in-memory mode for data sources of "CSV file" type and "Excel file" enables features such as sorting and grouping.


General Improvements

The combit Report Server is state of the art. Version cycles occur at short intervals. This allows the latest developments on the BI reporting market and customer requests to be taken into account and implemented into the new versions.

Server-Side Printing

Reports can now be printed on at one or more printers that are connected directly to the server. With a single click, they are available in the export profiles. Subsequently, various export formats can be configured with different settings.

Serverside printing

New Report Template: Invoice

This report template type allows you to define the data in the main table as variables. A table with the details then appears below. Typical application scenarios for this template include invoices, order confirmations, delivery slips, etc.

New reporting template: Invoice

System Requirements

The new version of the Report Server supports Windows 10 (Enterprise und Professional, 64-bit), the .NET Framework 4.6, as well as PostgreSQL 9.5 as a system database.

System requirements

New Edition: Report Server Ultimate

You can now choose between 3 different editions. The new Ultimate Edition expands on the features of the Enterprise Edition by enabling an unlimited number of users, which avoids the need for expansion licenses. Additionally, you will receive a special licensing contract that opens up additional fields of application.

New Edition: Ultimate

Other Improvements to our BI Reporting Server Solution:

  • New color selection dialog in the Report Server Designer
  • Searchable properties window in the Report Server Designer
  • Improved HTML object for quicker display and better rendering
  • Improved performance for large databases
  • Improved image quality in preview
  • SQL Server 2014 Express is included

Success Guarantee and Starter Package

We are confident with the quality of our products, which is why we are offering you a success guarantee with a 3-month money-back guarantee. Furthermore, our starter package will help you to begin working productively with the Report Server as quickly as possible. Allow us to discuss more features about version 3 of our business intelligence solution with you, obligation-free. We would be happy to be of assistance and help you in finding the most cost-effective solution. Send us an  or simply give us a call:

+49 (0) 7531 90 60 10

Product Development

Our products are developed entirely in-house. Thanks to short decision paths, we remain flexible, can react quickly to market requirements, and have full quality control. Our customer support is also located on our company premises in Konstanz. You will always be speaking with us directly — and not an anonymous call center!

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