PDF Object

The PDF object enables you to easily include PDF content in your reports. It puts an end to inconvenient recreating or scanning in of large amounts of data – you simply put the PDF in the background, and you’re ready to go.

Official Forms

Official forms can be rather complicated. But with the PDF object, all you need to do is place them directly into your report, create text fields where required, and you’re all set.

Integrate PDFs Into Your Reports

The PDF object also enables you to add PDF documents related to a specific project to your report. Every time you generate your report, all relevant PDFs will be inserted where you want, and will appear in the output file/print version.

Digital Signatures

You can include a field within PDFs for a digital signature or digital certificate. A click on the field starts the process. You can use your own certificates or you use the signature card solution of one of our partners.

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