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From the user’s point of view, this is the heart of the program. The List & Label WYSIWYG Report Designer enables you to quickly integrate powerful functionality into your application, establish a distinct competitive advantage, and provide end users with the flexibility they need.

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Hassle-Free Licensing

All three editions of the reporting tool – Standard, Professional and Enterprise – allow you to redistribute the Designer with most desktop applications without paying additional license fees. The Enterprise edition also includes runtime for most server/web server applications. For more information, please see List & Label licensing.

Intuitive Ribbon Interface

Even less experienced users quickly become familiar with the intuitive Designer. The optional ribbon is intuitive, comprehensive, and straightforward. What you see really is what you get: a whole page is treated as a whole page, rather than as a mixture of sections and bands. This is a logical way of creating reports. And with rulers, ruler guides, zoom, grouping and other familiar features, both you and your end users will save valuable time preparing reports.

Report Designer Formula Wizard

The formula wizard can be deployed in almost every scenario to simplify tasks, and combine, convert, or format data as required. It includes over 200 powerful features – enabling you to define almost any property, from the font color to the printer tray and data filter, in line with your needs. What’s more, you can include your own explanatory text for each variable. You can define your own formula snippets as variables and re-use them in your report. And you can aggregate values to obtain sum variables for each record of your data. Additional to the List & Label formula language, you can use C# and other scripting languages such as VBScript.

Scripting Support

Support is provided not just for the List & Label formula language, but is also optionally available for C# and for scripting languages such as VBScript in the formula wizard. With Visual Studio, you can even debug your script directly in the IDE.

Feature-Rich Preview

When you zoom out on the page you are previewing, more and more pages are displayed. The panning feature makes navigating between the preview pages truly intuitive. And you simply need to double-click to display a page in its full size. This enables users to easily find their way around complex preview files.

User-Friendly Tool Windows

The tool windows provide you with a clear overview. In the Report Structure win­dow, you can define the objects you require, and then view and input their specific properties in the Properties window. Once all database tables have been trans­fer­red, the Designer automatically lists the variables in a hierarchical tree. This object list allows you to name, identify and lock objects, define printing sequences, and generate object links. The objects are displayed in various levels, and tick boxes indicate whether the objects are to be printed. Each object group has its own color for easy identification, and can be faded in and out within layout and print views to keep the interface clutter-free.

It’s Time to Get Designing!

The Report Designer provides you with a host of desktop-publishing-style features for creating your report: from rulers to grids, and ruler guides, snap to ruler guides, snap to grid, zoom, align, and group functionality. What’s more, you can offer these rich features to your end users too. Colors, font attributes, formatting, and frames can be defined without complicated conditions. Of course you can still use formulas.

Report Designer Objects

The Designer includes a host of objects: from simple ta­bles to comprehensive master-detail reports/sub­reports, crosstabs, charts, RTF texts, barcodes, graphics, OLE ob­jects and much more. These components enable many custom objects to be seamlessly integrated.

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