Report Parameters for Interactive Reports

Reports can quickly become cluttered if you are using very complex data. List & Label offers a simple solution for this issue. Report parameters (limited to one per report in the Standard Edition) enable end users to select specific values in the preview. This way, they can define which information should be displayed.

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"All you need is List & Label. We love it!"

SQL Server Pro 12/2013

How to Use Report Parameters

1. Set Parameters

The favorite new List & Label feature of our Head of Development Jochen Bartlau is a joy to use. In the Designer, you set parameters by choosing Project > Report Parameters. These can also be database-bound, if your application supports data sources and their query, which is usually the case with .NET or Delphi.

2. Preview

In the print preview you get a new area in which the parameters are set. Parameters can also be defined depending on each other. In this example, the different types of drinks depend on the previously selected category "beverages".

3. Result

After filtering the data for the desired information, the report shows just the desired information. The days of cluttered reports are over. What could formerly only be reached by filtering in advance, can now be done by the end user, who easily and swiftly filters the data according to his preferences.

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