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  List & Label 22 - New Features (8 Min.)

List & Label 22 delivers a lot of new possibilities to you and your customers. In the List & Label Designer, you get additional charts and new features in crosstabs. When using .NET you get a repository. Jochen Bartlau shows you the new features in the product movie.


It is now possible to mark individual properties as favorites.
As a result, only the most important and frequently used properties are displayed in the properties window,
resulting in an uncluttered user interface. At the same time, all hidden properties are just one click away.

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   Enhanced Crosstabs

LL22 introduces a number of new features for crosstabs.
Multiple result cells allow you to view several dimensions of your data simultaneously – for instance, units plus revenues per quarter and customer. Cross-references make it easy to perform calculations and display data and results at a convenient place in the table.

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   .NET Development

The new repository removes a number of major limitations on web-based projects. The repository gives the Web Designer new capabilities, bringing its functional scope more in line with the classic desktop Designer:

Includes Drilldown support Table of contents Index

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   More Charts

The LL Designer now offers further chart types. The already broad choice has been extended to include radar and treemap types. That means your users can enhance their reports with even more up-to-the-minute visualization features. Vertical coordinate lines can now be defined in chart layout. Charts can be conveniently sorted by category value.

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List & Label is developed in-house. Because there are no barriers to communication, we can respond to market demands quickly and flexibly. This guarantees the high quality of our product. Customer requirements play a key role in our development process. Upgrades always deliver a variety of new features, and are frequently revised to ensure they remain cutting edge.

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