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You don't feel like reading today? No problem! Discover the new features of List & Label 23 in the product video, presented by Head of Development Jochen Bartlau.


Web/Cloud & .NET

New features for your web reporting

Report Server included in the List & Label reporting tool Enterprise Edition

Report Server Included

Instantly installable and ready to use solution.
Ad-hoc Designer is the browser-based alternative to the Web Designer in your application

Ad-hoc Designer

Browser-based alternative to the Web Designer.
combine and associate data from multiple sources relationally

Relational Links

Relational links between diverse data sources.
Integration with the Salesforce web service for direct access to 
the entire Salesforce data model.

Data Provider Salesforce

Integration with the Salesforce web service.

Enhanced Performance

Your users won't believe their eyes!


Enhanced printing

Faster Printing

Numerous optimizations in the preparation of the actual data structure used for printing and exporting accelerate the printing speed.


The Designer starts much faster

Faster Designer Startup

Your users won't believe their eyes: The Designer loads much faster, especially if a large data structure is used.



The heart from the user's point of view

Torten- und Ringdiagramm mit neuen Funktionen

New Features in Pie/Donut Charts

Multiple data rows and partial charts for even more design flexibility.

Virtual Formula Variables for Drag & Drop

Virtual Formula Variables

Use the required formatting directly via drag & drop.

highlighted chart sections mark important points in diagrams

Highlighted Chart Sections

Marked areas in charts draw attention to important things.

SVG directly in the report

SVG Picture Format

Use Scalable Vector Graphics directly in reports without conversion.

SVG Export renewed

Renewed SVG Export

Completely revised! Almost all previous restrictions have been removed.

Context-dependent crosstab editing

Crosstab Editing

Editing the crosstab is child's play with the context ribbon.

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Because there are no barriers to communication, we can respond to market demands quickly and flexibly. This guarantees the high quality of our product. Customer requirements play a key role in our development process. Upgrades always deliver a variety of new features, and are frequently revised to ensure they remain cutting edge.

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