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Discover the reporting tool of choice for thousands of developers. The extraordinary, feature-rich report designer is popular with clients the world over.

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Very powerful, flexible and easy to use!
The design can be left to the customer, and List & Label offers all required barcode types.

Klaus Mueller, Lear Corporation
Report generator wins Gold

Best BI/Reporting Product
All you need is List & Label. We love it!
Lightning fast and friendly!                                                                                  

Community Choice Awards, SQL Server Pro 11/2013                    

We love List & Label!
It’s a fantastic tool that lets the user create truly impressive reports. The Designer’s amazing.

Alexander Kollin, KingBill
Top Product

TOP PRODUCT, with a “very good” test result
Present data from an application the perfect way. In conclusion, interactive possibilities have improved the report output significantly.

PC Magazin, 3/2015
Reporting tool at Jolt Awards

Powerful and intuitive report generator
[...] amazingly lightweight in what has been an application category traditionally accompanied by bulky dependencies

Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards, 3/2013. Best Programmer Libraries 2013
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Designer Included For End Users

The Designer can be redistributed free of charge. You can deploy it with any appli­cation to provide end users with intuitive output functionality – in the form of reports, subreports, lists, multi-tables, crosstabs, graphs, charts, Gantt charts, gau­ges, forms, labels, mail merges, barcodes and web reporting. The Designer inte­grates seamlessly into any application and supports multiple operating systems, from Windows 2000 right up to the most recent version. More Designer details

Simple Linking To Data Source

You can combine data fields and database fields, include List & Label as an en­capsu­lated component or DLL, use data binding or choose to work without a database, or place the Designer in a separate control. What’s more, you can launch the Designer directly from the .NET development environment via a smart tag link, without a single line of code. The reporting tool supports a wide range of data sources, including SQL, Oracle, XML, LINQ and NoSQL. And you can easily com­bine multiple data sources, such as SQL data, business objects, and CSV data. More about functional principle

Choice of Development Environment

With List & Label you are free to select the development environment. And you can choose the language that’s best for your project, such as NET, Visual Studio, C#, C/C++, Delphi and many more! More about development environments


Sophisticated Reports

The report generator integrates into software with minimal programming effort, delivering professional-quality crosstabs, lists and reports. Users can employ a wide variety of charts and gauges to enhance their reports with powerful visuals. What’s more, List & Label supports batch printing of labels, forms, and more, with­out the need for word processing tools. More about charts and gauges

Comprehensive Export Options

Clients can integrate a broad range of export options to enhance their applications with zero additional effort. The reporting tool includes formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, MHTML, XML, XPS, JPEG, EMF, TIFF/Multi-page TIFF, TTY, CSV, ZIP and PNG. More about export formats


Easy Deployment

Because List & Label supports xcopy, integrating it into your application is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No special database drivers and setups are needed; the reporting tool can simply be copied to where you want it, leaving an exceptionally small memory footprint. Developers love this straightforward process – not even registration is required (unless you’re using OCX). And should there be a glitch, the integrated auto-debugging function sets things straight right away.


Rich Designer Objects

List & Label enables everything from simple tables to comprehensive master-detail reports/ subreports, crosstabs, charts, RTF text, barcodes, graphics, PDF objects and more. Designer components enable a host of custom objects to be seamlessly integrated.

    5 /5

Developing reports from scratch in C# can be difficult and you do not always get the results that you are looking for. I have been using List & Label for over 3 Years now and the features supplied are rich and extensive and improving all the time. List & Label made it easy for me to get my product out to my customers with well-presented reporting. I have been more than satisfied with the clarity and ease of use.

, ODoherty.Biz Limited
September 2016

    5 /5

List & Label has great functionality in Delphi/CodeGear. Other reporting tools did not meet our requirements.

August 2016

    5 /5

We looked for a component that could handle many pages with rich text and after testing the performance of this with combit List & Label, it was an easy choice. We are very satisfied with it. Currently the PDF output is the most used option.

, Holte AS
December 2015

    5 /5

combit List & Label allows for more complex and flexible reporting than any other reporting tool we've tested!

, WebDatabases GmbH
December 2015

    5 /5

Simple integration. ... very good label generation.

, dennree GmbH
September 2015

    4 /5

Very flexible, easy to integrate in my application.

, Volkswagen Saxony, Germany
December 2013

    5 /5

List & Label is the perfect tool to generate high quality documents. Our software provides the data and end users can design the layout. Throughout the years we saw that List & Label continuously delivers stable new releases with outstanding help for the developer.

, Cerm Benelux, Belgium
October 2013

    5 /5

List & Label has been employed by the Swiss National Science Foundation for around 4 years to generate PDF documents in large numbers asynchronously as well as synchronously. It runs very stably and reliably.  Simply superb!

September 2013

    5 /5

We have been working intensively with your product in our database course for two years now – the educational version of List & Label you kindly provided. We are very satisfied with the software. Students studying IT-related subjects generally dealt with List & Label well; they progressed rapidly right from the start, and were therefore motivated to engage with the topic in greater depth.

August 2013

    4 /5

Before List & Label, I used to employ Crystal Reports. This tool had several weaknesses in that the print engine had problems with page breaks, and if I remember correctly, there was no possibility of distributing the designer royalty-free. In addition, the form design was very cumbersome in comparison with List & Label.

I decided on List & Label because, in my opinion, it is the only tool with which the user can easily design reports. Equally crucial was the simple programming of the module. List & Label simply had no serious competitor.

August 2013

    5 /5

List & Label was easy to integrate into our software product, and is the key component for label printing. Creating and printing labels for end products is essential. We integrated these features into the latest release of our software without difficulty using List & Label. List & Label now performs all core functionality for label printing.

Our customers are delighted that we have provided a proven, sophisticated and dynamic reporting tool, which can be operated simply and intuitively.

, Tieto, Germany
June 2013

    5 /5

List & Label is the best tool that I know of for this area of application - simply brilliant! It does everything that you want and this rapidly, simply and efficiently. The service and customer hotline are outstanding. The user manual is also very clearly arranged.

In conclusion, whoever buys and uses List & Label has an all-round hassle-free package. Top score for software, top score for service and for the customer hotline. Full score for software, full score for service and customer hotline. List & Label is the best tool that I know of for this area of application – simply brilliant! It does everything that you want, rapidly, simply and efficiently. The service and the customer hotline are outstanding. The user manual is also very clearly arranged.

, REWE Nuesken, Germany
April 2013

    5 /5

We tested List & Label with our own software product (C#/WPF/Entity Framework 4.0). I am really delighted about how simple it was. I would never have thought that WDF and Entity Framework were so well supported. It was almost completely intuitive. The product truly met the expectations promised in advertising.

, Hamburger Waagenbau, Germany
April 2013

    5 /5

Many thanks for your patience and dedication! We wouldn't have dreamed of such excellent service from our previous vendor, which once made an excellent report writer. They had a pure lack of customer service and support. This shows me once again that I am in very good hands with combit and the List & Label report generator – a highly effective development tool.

, Broadcast Concept, Germany
March 2013

    5 /5

One of our test PDF files with more than 20,000 pages was generated within 20 minutes using List & Label 18 Beta. In comparison to Version 17, the export took 2 hours less, which is time savings of 87%!

, proALPHA, Germany
March 2013

    5 /5

I am pleased, and have upgraded all my customers with the latest List & Label version. I think combit did a great job with List & Label 18!

, Stafford Software, USA
February 2013

    5 /5

List & Label is extraordinarily complete. I find that whatever I need to do, there's almost always a way to do it.

January 2013

    5 /5

I’ve been testing List & Label 18 since yesterday. Awesome! The preview is now so fast I can hardly click quickly enough. If all the development components that I use made me as happy as List & Label, I would be grinning in front of my keyboard all day long! ;-)

, HyCARE, Germany
November 2012

    5 /5

We have been using List & Label since version 5, because it's the best reporting tool for programmers, and end users love it.

October 2012

    5 /5

In List & Label, we found a faster way to release applications with label printing features. Now we can focus on getting the data while List & Label does the rest. Wonderful!

, Continental, Mexico
October 2012

    5 /5

We have been using List & Label for 15 years. Flexibility and stability are the main reasons we keep using this product in our labeling and datasheet applications, which use VFP. Recently, we also used List & Label for our latest web application based on .NET. Functionality has been continously added and improved over the years, making this developer tool one of the best of its kind.

September 2012

    5 /5

A top-quality product, which pays for itself in no time. List & Label leaves nothing to be desired.

, Falke KG, Germany
August 2012

    5 /5

I like that List & Label can generate reports without using a database. I send what I need to the reports and never, EVER get an error!

, Cospa & Agilmic, Spain
July 2012

    5 /5

Ranked above any other in my market.

July 2012

    4 /5

The Designer is great!

, S4, USA
June 2012

    5 /5

List & Label allows more complex and flexible reporting than any other reporting tool.

, WebDatabases, Germany
May 2012

    5 /5

The combit developers really are out of this world! Nothing is impossible.

April 2012

    5 /5

Switching over to List & Label has been the best development-related decision of the past 10 years.

, EffCom AG, Germany
March 2012

    5 /5

List & Label has a great number of features – open enough to be used with several development languages and database back-ends.

March 2012

    5 /5

List & Label is the best report generator available. [...] Much more developer-friendly than Crystal.

February 2012

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Our customers gave List & Label 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on feedback from 30 companies.

Thousands of development teams and millions of end users rely on the award-winning List & Label report generator. It offers rapid performance, a royalty-free report designer, and is suitable for deployment in projects large and small. List & Label enhances applications with only a few lines of code, enabling generation of a host of report types.

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