Redmine Reports - Free Reporting for your Issue-Tracking System

Easily expand your Redmine installation with the free Redmine Reports application, powered by combit's reporting tool List & Label, the multiple award winning report generator for .NET (Winforms / ASP.NET), Delphi and many other development environments, for desktop, web and cloud. Thousands of successful software developers worldwide!

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Using the pre-compiled binaries

For a quick start, you can download the pre-compiled binaries from GitHub and use them in your Redmine installation. No List & Label installation is required for this.

   Redmine Reports-Project at GitHub


Using your own build

In order to further develop Redmine Reports and customize it more precisely to your Redmine installation, you can download the source code for Redmine Reports. One of the regular List & Label editions is required for compiling. Alternatively, you can test this within the 30-day-trial period. For information on additional system requirements, see Redmine Reports at GitHub.

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