List & Label, e.g. as .NET report component, offers three output options: print, print preview, and export. All you need to do is define a parameter to select an output option, and List & Label does the rest. This hassle-free process adds enormous value to your application.

Options in Preview and Export

The multipage preview is included in the Designer. Additionally, you can integrate it into your own application, or offer it as a stand-alone viewer application. The stand-alone option is perfect for users who don’t have access to your application. The preview has a continuous zoom feature, enabling you to view your work up close before printing it or exporting it as a PDF, text or image. And because you can start previewing the first page while the print job continues running in the background, you see your results in no time at all, no matter the project size. What’s more, the preview option supports touch screens, and can automatically generate an index or table of contents.


Just as in preview and export, List & Label offers a host of printing options. You can track the progress of a print job after it has been sent to the spooler. This is the only way to be certain that your print job has not been interrupted. If you’re working with List & Label as a .NET report component, with VCL or OCX, there is an event for this feature in the corresponding components. If you’re working with another programming language, you can use a callback. You can also create layout-oriented output, and send texts directly to dot matrix printers, bypassing the printer driver. This ensures maximum printing performance for continuous-feed labels and forms.

Report Parameters

By using report parameters in the preview, you can interactively modify the output or the amount of data in your report. The parameters are displayed in a separate panel and can also be utilized by end users, for example in filters. Or the values can be populated from a database. If you send a report containing parameters to a printer, a dialog box will ask you which parameters the printed result shall display.

Collection Variables

Collection variables enable you to easily categorize data. For example, you can assign a specific color to collected data. This additional information is then available for chart colors, labels for crosstabs and more in the Designer. This makes reports even more comprehensive, and offers end users richer and more intuitive functionality.

Output Control

Business processes often require identical or similar content to be printed multiple times over. The Designer’s output control lets you determine how many copies to print. You can send each copy to a different output device, or have a second copy printed on the reverse side of the document. Moreover, you can select which elements should be printed. For example, you can choose to only print the address field for a shipping label, or to print all the pages of an order as a PDF for archiving.

Export PDF List and More

List & Label offers a wealth of export options – from the popular PDF format through to the more unusual TTY format – meeting the end user’s every need.

Export Formats

Digital signing with digiSeal® office and digiSeal® server from secrypt, OpenLimit® CC Sign from OpenLimit® SignCubes or esiCAPI® from e.siqia technologies
Export & Sign

Provide your customers and users with digital signature functionality. Signature software such as digiSeal® office or digiSeal® server from secrypt, OpenLimit® CC Sign from OpenLimit®, or SignCubes or esiCAPI® from e.siqia technologies makes it possible to integrate digital signatures into the PDF, TXT and multi-page TIFF export files created with List & Label. To use this option, customers will require a card reader, a card with a digital certificate from the manufacturer, and one of the software products mentioned above.

Send Via Email

Send preview and export files directly via MAPI, XMAPI or SMTP. The email content can either be plain text with the report attached, or an HTML email with the report converted into HTML. Mail merges are also possible.

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