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Report Containers
Show nested details

Structure your reports
  • Keep an overview
  • Ideal for dashboards

Interesting things to open

Focus on the essentials
  • Expandable regions
  • Relations

Data in multiple dimensions

Complex interrelationships
  • Multiple result cells
  • Cross-references

Fill in outlines

Maps and more
  • Geovisualization
  • Many shapefiles included, expandable

Report Parameters
Universally applicable reports

Filter data interactively
  • Narrow down values
  • Define time periods

Drill into depth

From overview to detail
  • Charts
  • Lists

Visualize data

Comprehensive possibilities
  • Line, bar, funnel, area,
    ring, bubbles, radar, treemap...

Side-by-Side Report
Compare data

Multiple report containers
  • Multiple report containers side by side
  • Independent in the execution

Mapping temporal connections

Sequence of activities
  • Machine maintenance plans
  • Personnel planning

Table of Contents and Index
Provides overview in detailed reports

Creating reports automatically
  • Clickable table of contents
  • Clickable index

Nested Tables
Tables can contain tables

Accurate layout
  • Including subtables
  • Present 1:n:m relationships clearly arranged

Speedometer-like displays

Classify values
  • Ideal, minimum and maximum
  • Comprehensive customizable graphics

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