Functional Principle

The choice is yours: whether you opt for data binding or choose to work without a database, or whether you are developing a desktop or server/web server application – you can enhance your software by adding only a few lines of code (or none at all with .NET) to include a host of report types.

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Accessing Data

Data Binding Database Independent

You are free to select your preferred data access object. Whether you choose DataSet, DataViewManager, DataReader, DataTable or even arbitrary enume­ra­tions, you can quickly and easily add data to List & Label. DataRelations between tables are automatically analyzed and transferred. The excellent online support assists you throughout the development process. Plus, we deliver additional providers for several NoSQL and NewSQL databases and for ADO.NET, XML, LINQ, DB2, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL, which tranforms List & Label e.g. in an PostgreSQL report writer.

Whether you’re using an ADO Recordset or BDE, all DataSource descendants can easily be added. Master-detail relations are automatically analyzed and transferred to List & Label.
Using List & Label with data bin­ding is certainly the fastest way to connect a data source. However, using List & Label without a data­base also has many benefits.
You are not bound to any specific database format. You can control the exchange of data yourself, and create your own interface. No database engine is loaded twice. And, of course, you don’t have to have a database.

Filtering can be performed in advance in the data source, or, where required, in the Designer itself.

Areas of Application

List & Label generates a wide variety of reports, including multi-table reports, and master-detail reports/subreports. It can combine them with any object type, integrating charts into tables and more. List & Label charts come in a variety of 2D and 3D formats – such as pie charts, bar, cone and line charts, Gantt charts, and gauges. Plus, you can add word-processor-like functionality to your application. And to round it out, a host of output options are included: such as PDF, XHTML, RTF, MS Excel XLS, MS Word DOCX, MHTML, XML, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF, (Multi-)TIFF, CSV, TTY, WMF, PCX, PNG, PCD, DIB, and RLE.

Desktop or Server/Web Server Applications

List & Label is ideal for both conventional desktop applications, and server or web server apps. To create reports in your web application, you simply need to design the interface. What’s more, the Enterprise edition comes with an unlimited runtime license for server and web server applications.

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