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QuickStart .NET - A Short Tour (5 Min.)

Head of Development Jochen Bartlau demonstrates how to use List & Label efficiently with Visual Studio. The video highlights extensive documentation, and provides examples of code – so you’ll be ready to go in no time at all!
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Highlights of List & Label 23 (4 Min.)

Sit back, relax and explore the new features in the Designer, for crosstabs and charts, for .NET with the Report Server, and in many other areas – presented to you by Head of Development Jochen Bartlau.
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Product Information
Reporting tool brochure  List & Label Brochure (PDF 7.9 MB)
Report generator News  List & Label 23 News (PDF 1.6 MB)
Reporting tool price list  Price List (PDF 0.5 MB)
.NET Online Help
User Manuals
Report generator programmer manual  Programmer’s Manual (PDF 3.7 MB)
Reporting tool Designer manual  Report Designer User Manual (PDF 7.7 MB)
report server manual  Report Server User Manual (PDF 3.0 MB)

Feature Comparison of Different Reporting Tools

The comparison table shows more than 150 features and allows you to compare which of the popular reporting tools provide the features you are looking for. In addition to List & Label, it includes developer components such as Crystal Reports, DevExpress, Telerik, ActiveReports and others.
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WebDatabases Software Developer

WebDatabases was tasked by the Southern German Horse Marketing Company to develop an auction invoicing solution, which can easily record and handle all the processes involved in the auction.
Reporting tool success story auction invoicing solution by WebDatabases Read success story (540 KB)

By using List & Label, we can realize complex requirements 50 % faster on average.

Alex Singer, IT Developer/Owner, WebDatabases


Epiatech logo for success story with reporting tool
Epiatech Software Developer

When Epiatech was approached by a renowned pharmaceutical company with specific needs, they turned to combit’s List & Label to help them develop a feature-rich reporting solution for high-tech laboratories.
Reporting tool success story Visual Studio Epiatech Read success story (544 KB)

By using List & Label, users can now concentrate fully on production--without the need to focus on details and coding.

Uroš Klopcic, IT Developer/Lead Engineer


WebDatabases Software Developer

Using List & Label, the WebDatabases team succeeded in developing a program for pharmacies that automatically generates reports on medicines, and sends the reports to a web server. Microsoft Visual Studio wrote a nice succes story on List & Label and WebDatabases.
Reporting tool success story Visual Studio WebDatabases Read success story (440 KB)

List & Label allows more complex and flexible reporting than any other reporting tool.

Alex Singer, WebDatabases


Lear Corporation Automotive industry

Lear Corporation required output functionality for a variety of document types. Due to process and product optimization, these documents were constantly changing. Thanks to the List & Label Designer, they can now be modified without altering the source code, significantly reducing programming effort.
report generator success story Lear Read the success story (PDF 1MB)

We wouldn’t want to be without List & Label. It greatly simplifies the development of applications with printing functionality.

Klaus Mueller, Lear Corporation

Kingbill Software Developer

KingBill wanted to develop cost-effective, intuitive resource planning software with a choice of output options. Thanks to the integration of List & Label, users can now modify forms in line with their requirements. What’s more, in the first month alone, KingBill doubled its license sales. 
reporting tool success story KingBill Read the success story (PDF 1MB)

We love List & Label!!! It is a fantastic tool that lets the user generate sensational reports.

Alexander Kollin, Kingbill

schreinerservice24 Software Developer

schreinerservice24 needed to develop shop and material management solutions that delivered flexible output options. Thanks to List & Label, its software for carpenters and joiners now supports customizable material lists and price quotes.
report generator success story schreinerservice24 Read the success story (PDF 1MB)

In the future, we will be counting on List & Label for our reporting needs.

Daniel Wagner, schreinerservice24

German Automobile Trust / Deutsche Automobil Treuhand
Industry, Traffic + Transport

The German Automobile Trust integrated List & Label’s rich reporting functionality into its SilverDAT II software program. The result was quick, professional data output for the user, and minimal programming effort for the developer.
reporting tool success story German Automobile Trust Read the success story (PDF 1MB)

Our additional programming effort was minimal.

Manfred Haist, German Automobile Trust / Deutsche Automobil Treuhand

Grasp Software Corp. Software Developer

The Grasp Software team integrated List & Label’s powerful reporting features into its solutions. This enabled users to take advantage of rich functionality, including print-outs and statistical analyses.  
report generator Grasp Software Read the success story (PDF 1MB)

Aside from making coffee, this product does absolutely everything that I could think to ask for!

Michael Cooper, Grasp Software Corp.

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