Document Object Model - DOM

DOM enables you to dynamically create projects. You can use your own project wizards, and a feature-reduced version of the Designer. What’s more, the DOM API allows you to define practically any property by code. DOM is particularly easy to use with .NET and VCL, and can be used with a range of other programming languages, too.

Powerful Automation

Imagine what it would be like to have a project wizard that adapts project templates to the user’s requirements before the Designer has even opened. List & Label has made this dream reality. Users can select the fields they require for an invoice from their database, and when they open the Designer, the invoice will be almost ready to go – with the address field and item list already filled out.


List & Label offers full IntelliSense support, speeding up software development by reducing the amount of code you need to memorize and type. You can directly access the entire component reference via context-sensitive tooltips in the IDE. The component reference includes method and property descriptions, overloads, parameter hints and other symbols.

C# Programming Example

Create a new project including a report container and a table called Products, and add fields.

Proj.Open( @“c:\Reports\artikel.lst” , LlDomFileMode.Create,

LlDomAccessMode.ReadWrite, true );

ObjectReportContainer container= new ObjectReportContainer (Proj.Objects);

container.Position.Left = “0”;
container.Position.Top = “0”;
container.Position.Width = “150000”;
container.Position.Height = “200000”;

SubItemTable table = new SubItemTable (container.SubItems);
table.TableID = “Customers”;

TableLineData dataLineNew = new TableLineData (table.Lines.Data);
dataLineNew.Name = “Created dynamically”;

TableFieldText textCol = new TableFieldText (dataLineNew.Fields);
textCol.Contents = “Product.No”;

TableFieldBarcode barcodeCol = new TableFieldBarcode (dataLineNew.Fields);
barcodeCol.Contents = “Barcode(Product.No, ‘PDF417’)”;

Proj.Close ();

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