The reporting tool’s crosstabs display data in a multi-dimensional format. They answer questions such as "How do product sales vary across several years?" and "How do product sales vary between staff members?"

Crosstab Object

The crosstab object in the Designer enables you to map complex structures by creating groups. The assistant supports you in this task. Moreover, to make working with crosstabs easier, a number of special features such as pivot have been included. This way, your design ideas really can take off.

Top-N Reports

Top-N reports in List & Label allow you to tidy up your crosstabs. You can sort your data according to the results column, and define how many records should be displayed. For example, you can list the top-three assistants with the highest sales, or create a top-ten report for the ten items with the largest stock in no time at all.

The Real Alternative

If you’re searching for a real alternative to tools like Crystal Reports and others, List & Label is the right answer. Easy, royalty free integration of the report designer into your appli­cation and smooth deployment make working with List & Label a walk in the park. Additionally, List & Label has a customizable Crystal Reports converter. Probably none of the other Crystal Reports competitors offers such a large variety of reporting functionality. More about the real alternative...

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