Charts & Gauges

The List & Label reporting tool offers a wealth of chart types: pie charts, cone, donut and line charts, octahedrons and multi-rows, Gantt charts, shapefile, area and bubble charts, plus gauges and more. With so many options, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts offer a simple way for users to create timelines. They are highly flexible, and can be used for a range of scenarios – from vacation schedules to machine maintenance plans. Moreover, Gantt charts support various design schemes. Users can define the time units and bar types, and preview specific time periods on the chart.

Shapefile Charts

Shapefile is a chart type exclusive to the Enterprise edition which enables geo­visual­iza­tion and more. A range of templates for the earth  is included, and many more are available online, allowing you to create a diverse range of charts. With georeferencing you can present information on maps, e.g. the average revenue per country etc. Moreover, you can even create your own shapefiles using CAD software.


List & Label offers circular and semi-circular gauges similar to speedometers, and graduated vertical and horizontal bars reminiscent of thermometers. Gauges of this type show how current figures compare to the ideal, minimum and maximum values at a glance. Moreover, many design options are available: you can define the scale, text, dial type, border, needle style, and even the appearance of the gauge’s glass front.

Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Bubble Charts and More

You can choose from pie charts, bar charts (vertical and horizontal), donut , funnel, pipeline, and cone charts, octahedrons and line charts. And that’s not all – the charts are available as standard versions, in 2D or 3D, with multiple rows of columns, and can be clustered or stacked. You can define colors, add your own labels, and rotate the x-axis labels diagonally for printing. Plus, you can combine line and bar charts, and automatically generate lines of best fit and average lines. What’s more, List & Label supports four-dimensional reporting in the form of bubble charts. The color and size of the bubbles, and their positions on the x- and y-axes are automatically generated from your data.

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