Our Vision:
List & Label is The Best Reporting Tool in The World

List & Label is a reporting tool for software developers. Easily integrated into desktop applications as well as server / webserver applications, it offers WPF / Winforms reporting as well as support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Although the focus is on C# and VB.NET, it can be used in almost any other development environment. List & Label sets standards in function, stability and performance. 97% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with List & Label. (Source: customer survey 2014/15).

Milestones of combit's reporting tool List & Label

Our Direction is Clear

We want to further implement customer
requirements and be the first to use
new technologies and developments.
The latest version shows this to be true!

Our Goal for List & Label

List & Label is the best reporting tool in the
world! Our customers an trade press awards decide
when this goal is reached.
------   To be continued
------   HTML5 viewer
------   Report parameters & drill down
------   HDPI & touch support
------   Unlimited performance
------   VS 2015 & Win 10
------   97% customer satisfaction
------   Cloud & web reporting
------   Charts & gauges
------   Object modell
------   Subscription-editions with included support
------   Relational reporting
------   Millions of end users
------   Page oriented reporting
------   .NET pioneer
------   WYSIWYG designer for end users




Head of Developement List & Label Jochen Bartlau

Goals determine our thoughts and actions. Our ambition is for List & Label to be the best reporting tool in the world. I’m not being arrogant here, because it’s the customer who decides when that vision has been reached. But it defines the course for us: we want to continue implementing customers’ requests and to remain at the forefront of developments.

Jochen Bartlau, Managing Director and
Head of Development List & Label
Interview with Development Manager Jochen Bartlau  Interview with Jochen Bartlau (PDF 58 KB)
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