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PC Magazin 02/2017

List & Label was rated VERY GOOD in a review by renowned German PC Magazin.

The Designer is unbeatable.
Result: List & Label is the ideal tool for developers.

Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Award 12/2016

To rise to the top of a tough, competitive category, combit did the nearly impossible. It thoroughly deserves this win for its popular List & Label. Michael Domingo, Editor in Chief

Gold for List & Label in category "Reporting, Analysis and Visualization".
The readers have chosen List & Label as best reporting tool.

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PC Magazin 05/2016

Optimal data presentation
99/100 points
test result 'very good'
price/performance 'very good'

Conclusion: The quasi-standard for reporting output, currently unrivaled.

dotnetpro 02/2016

The new version 21 shines with an overhauled Designer and many improvements to detail.

List & Label is one of the best and most long-lived developer components from Germany. It is characterized by an outstanding programming interface which is documented with numerous examples and a very good programming reference.

The components have been successful on the market since 1992, are stable, mature, versatile, and suitable for use on all popular Windows and programming systems.

Top 100 Publisher Award, ComponentSource

List & Label belongs to the bestsellling top 100 publishers under hundreds of publishers that are listed in the ComponentSource Software Superstore.

Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2016, Experton Group

A highly attractive product and service offering and a very strong market and competitive position.

They can be regarded as opinion leaders, providing strategic impulses to the market.

combit achieved a leader position, due to the multiple data formats that can be processed.

The  company's strengths within this category include the capability to visualize data from multiple sources and to distribute information to a larger group of involved users, as opposed to traditional BI/BA solutions.

PC Magazin 03/2015

99/100 Points, test result "Very Good"
[...] unrivaled report designer.

LL20 is fully developed, flexible and up-to-date. [...] leaves nothing to be desired.

web & mobile DEVELOPER 3/2015

List & Label 20 provides developers with a universal, high-performance component that is unrivaled in all respects.

LL20 [...] offers a variety of new features and improvements that are the result of intensive discussions with developers who use the reporting components in real-life applications.

The component really shines when used to process large quantities of data.

LL20 is a fully developed and unrivaled reporting tool that leaves nothing to be desired and should be a part of every Windows developer's toolbox. [...] Interfacing with LL20 [..] is a breeze thanks to a well-thought-out, clear, and well-documented programming interface.

Dutch c't online 11/2014

The "Format Painter" function enables to style complete reports according to the corporate design with a single click.

Due to the fact that filtering is done directly on the connected database engine, drill downs are generated faster than with the internal routines (which are based on unfiltered data) 11/2014

Jochen Bartlau, Head of Developement combit List & Label gets interviewed by Anand Narayanaswamy from

Learnxpress: What benefit does multiple report container provide to both developers and end users?

Jochen Bartlau: The option to incorporate several report containers eliminates the need for workarounds, for example by using multiple columns for one container instead. You simply place your report containers wherever you want your tables, diagrams or other objects to appear, which makes creating dashboard or side-by-side reports a breeze.

  Read the complete interview posted on 11/2014

List & Label 20 gets better with multiple Report containers, database filtering and enhancements.

  Read the complete article posted on

Dr. Dobb's 11/2014

A lower case company nametag is no indication of diminutive stature when it comes to German reporting tool specialist combit. The Dr. Dobb's Jolt Award finalist has been recognized for the efficacy and worth of its List & Label reporting tool, which now hits its Version 20 release.

… and the Designer has received a whole slew of user-friendly add-ons.

   Read the complete article 09/2014

Alexander Horak, Head of Developement combit Report Server gets interviewed by Anand Narayanaswamy from

LearnXpress: What purpose does combit Report Server serve?

Alexander Horak: Sometimes you need to quickly create comprehensive reports from mixed data sources without spending a lot of time on development. combit Report Server is able to solve this challenge for you. It is a browser-based, intuitive and ready to use out-of-the-box Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting solution.

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Dutch c't 10/2014

The combit Report Server displays your business reports in handsome graphics and distributes them online or via email.

You can view your documents in an attractive design with all major browsers - including your smartphone and tablet.

Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards 04/2014

List & Label has once more been selected as one of the Best Programmer Libraries in the world by the Dr. Dobb’s judges.

"combit's List & Label 19 is a rich, polished, and capable product. I believe it's the one of the best ways to add reporting and charts to Windows programs."

"List & Label makes it easy to get up and running quickly."

"Among the most appealing features is the freely redistributable report designer."

Read the judge's decision

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