The Convincing Alternative to ActiveReports
Superpower your reports with List & Label

Reporting tool combit List & Label is a true alternative for developers using components like ActiveReports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and others. Integrate smoothly and deploy easely the report designer into your appli­cation and enjoy the full reporting power. Furthermore, List & Label has a customizable RDL converter. Probably none of the other ActiveReports competitors on the market delivers such a variety of high-performing features.

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combit List & Label allows for more complex and flexible reporting than any other reporting tool we've tested!

Alex Singer, WebDatabases GmbH

First Class Citizen Designer

The List & Label Designer works as an integral part of your application. Designers of other reporting tools open cumbersomly in a separate window or even a completely separate process, but List & Label offers your customer a smooth, first class citizen-experience. Moreover, it integrates elegantly with the style of Windows 10 by offering the Ribbon UI your users got used to.

Easy Deployment of the ActiveReports Alternative

As List & Label supports xcopy, integrating it into your application is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No special database drivers and setups are needed; it can simply be copied to where you want it, leaving an exceptionally small memory footprint. Developers love this straightforward process – not even registration is required (unless you’re using OCX).

Customizable RDL Converter

With the customizable RDL converter (available in subscription editions) the content of your RDL Reports can be directly transferred to List & Label. It comes with full source code included, making it individually adaptable, while the standard areas, groupings, and much more are migrated.

Interactivity in Reports

Interactive reporting is a piece of cake in List & Label. "Interactive sorting" turns regular lists into comprehensive information records. Sort data according to your needs to quickly find the facts you require. "Collapsible Regions" offer a drilldown function, providing you with clearly structured information. With "Drilldown via Report Parameters" you trigger a sub report that uses report parameters and set the parameter values depending on the item that you just clicked in the preview.

Powerful Designer Objects

List & Label comes with a host of features that enhance your report design capabilities. PDF-Rendering e.g. enables you to print complex forms that are available as PDF within minutes. In addition, the combit reporting tool offers a multitude of chart visualizations such as pie, gantt, bubble charts etc.  Other competitors, such as Active Reports, offer considerably less designing options. The nested table feature is the icing on your cake when you need to list e.g. the belonging products with their revenues next to the category.

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