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New REST API Interface for combit Report Server

Latest Service pack makes combit Report Server 2.0 even more powerful. From now on, the new REST API interface enables Enterprise customers  to generate or schedule reports from other applications. This way, combit Report Server is even more flexible. This is one of the most frequent customer requests that has been put into practice quickly.

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combit Report Server 2.0 on LearnXpress

Indian blogger Anand Narayanaswamy has a good sense for latest software issues. Therefore it is not surprising that he wrote a nice article + interview on our combit Report Server 2.0. Here some extracts: "With the help of combit Report Server 2.0, business users will be able to create and generate powerful reports. The report server also increases efficiency…" Sounds great!

Read the full artikel + interview here

combit Report Server 2.0 released!

Version 2.0 of our Business Intelligence solution combit Report Server is released! The newly-added top features include report parameters, report elements and an interactive preview. Also on board are new data sources and export formats, new designer features and much more. Another highlight is a success guarantee, which is now provided for all Report Server customers.

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List & Label on World Tour

Indian Blogger Anand Narayanaswamy provides evidence that "deployed worldwide" is no empty phrase. Thanks to him, List & Label is well-known in India for years. This time Narayanaswamy has written two posts on our many award-winning reporting tool – one is an informative article and the other one a detailed interview. Definitely worth reading!

Read article on List & Label 20
Read interview on List & Label 20

combit Employees donate Leave Day

To help the victims of Ebola in West Africa and the refugees in Syria, many combit employees spontaneously donated a vacation day. These days were converted into money, and combit then doubled the donations. The donation went to the aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

Support Doctors Without Borders

Accolade from Dr. Dobb's - List & Label "Big in America"

List & Label has earned worldwide reputation for excellence. The journalists of Dr. Dobb's were particularly impressed by the efficacy of our reporting tool and have written a nice article on the release of version 20.

The complete article is available here

List & Label fully supports Visual Studio Community Edition

Microsoft now offers Open Source developers and small teams a new free version of its development environment. As Visual Studio Industry Partner, we have ensured beforehand that List & Label works seamlessly with this Community Edition. Thus, our Report Generator will be conveniently available with the greatest flexibility in terms of usable data sources, barcodes and export formats.

Test the new version 20

List & Label 20 released!

The latest version of our multiple award winning report generator has been released on schedule. Among the many new features are the new HTML 5 viewer, multiple report containers, faster filtering and 1:1 relations at database level as well as new export formats and data providers. By adjusting the coordinates to the output device, barcodes get the best result "A" now according to ISO/IEC 15416.

Check out the new version 20

combit Report Server on Interview

Our combit Report Server attracts worldwide attention. The Indian journalist Anand Narayanaswamy conducts a nice interview with Alexander Horak, Head of Development combit Report Server, about our new Business Intelligence solution.

Read the interview about our combit Report Server

combit and REA VERIFIER: New Partnership

List & Label 20 is sending good heralds. One of them is the cooperation with the renowned vendor of barcode verifiers REA VERIFIER. This means that starting in the fall of 2014, List & Label 20 customers will have a highly-improved barcode printing engine at their fingertips.

Read Jochen's blog about the barcode-optimization

combit Donates 500 Trees

Excellent result of combit’s 25th birthday anniversary discount: We promised to plant a tree for every incoming order. Now we go one step further and bring it up to a round figure: 500 trees for an Oxfam aid program. Really impressive!

Get more information about Oxfam

combit company outing

Work hard, play hard. It's that time again: The annual combit company outing starts on Thursday, 07/17/2014. While we stroll around Lake Constance, our answering machine guards the international combit headquarters in Constance. On Friday we are available for you again, fully refreshed and full of vim and vigor.

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combit Releases New Business Intelligence Solution

combit has released a new Enterprise Reporting solution into the market. The combit Report Server is browser-based, ready to use out-of-the-box and intuitive to work with. With List & Label the Report Server has a powerful Report Designer at its core.

Test the new Business Intelligence solution

combit Turns 25 - Time to Celebrate

25 years of benchmark setting software development — that is combit's success story. In order to invite its customers to share in the joy of this momentous anniversary, combit will be giving a 25% discount on all software products from June 25th to July 4th, 2014. Furthermore, in line with combit's green efforts, a tree will be planted for each incoming order.

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combit Teams up With Taste IT Consulting

Keeping on improving our reporting tool, we proudly present our new software partner Taste IT Consulting. There is a free data provider for Progress OpenEdge available for all List & Label customers.

Download free data provider for Progress OpenEdge

combit Sponsors Two Filipino Children

After the typhoon in the Philippines in 2013, we decided to sponsor two children in the disaster-struck area through Plan International. Just now we have finally received some detailed information about the two. “Our” children are called Myles and Jihoo and are both 5 years old. We are very excited to know who they are and hope that we can help improving their lives and the lives of their families.

Sponsor a child!

List & Label Again One of The 4 Best Programmer Libraries Worldwide According to Dr. Dobb's

Our List & Label reporting tool has once more been chosen to be one of the finalists in the category "Programmer Libraries". The judges described List & Label as a "rich, polished, and capable product". More assets according to the judges: fast and easy integration of great reporting functionality, vast choice of chart types and rapid performance.
Conclusion: "I believe it's the one of the best ways to add reporting and charts to Windows programs."

Awards and accolades of the reporting tool

Check Out Our Blog!

Our new blog from the reporting tool development team gives you a first impression of the new features we are working on.

combit Dev Blog

List & Label: Feature Boost Plus Free RSSBus Data Source

Our List & Label reporting tool starts into 2014 with one of the richest service packs of all time:  
  • Support for RSSBus ADO.NET data providers: Access data sources such as SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, etc.
  • ZUGFeRD support: Through a cooperation with intarsys consulting, List & Label is the first report generator in the world to enable this form of invoice output.
  • .NET data provider for Excel data, independent of Excel installation (XlsDataProvider).
  • New language kits: Russian, Portuguese, Serbian (Latin/Cyrillic), Dutch (language kits included in the Enterprise Edition).
Service Pack downlaod for customers with List & Label 19
For all List & Label customers: RSSBus provides an ADO.NET data source - for free!

TOP PRODUCT and Test Result Very Good for List & Label

The testers at PC Magazine are impressed and give List & Label the test result "very good". Accodering to the experts, the report generator is a TOP PRODUCT, especially because of its interactive possibilities in the report output.
Press reviews on the award-winning reporting tool

Gold and Silver Awards for List & Label

Our reporting tool won again: At the renowned DevPro and SQL Server Pro Community Choice Awards 2013 List & Label has been honored with two gold and three silver awards! Thus, List & Label can keep carrying the title "Best BI / Reporting Product" and has won more awards than any other product in the current survey. Other categories in which our reporting tool won: Best Reporting Tool, Best Charting and Graphics Tool and Best Vendor Support.
Awards at DevPro
Awards at SQL Server Pro

Employees Donate Leave Day for Typhoon Victims

In aid of the typhoon victims in the Philippines combit employees spontaneously donated a leave day. The donated leave days' value was doubled by combit. The donation goes to the humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders.
Support Doctors Without Borders

List & Label 19 Has Been Released

Version 19 of our award-winning List & Label report generator has just been released. Numerous improvements such as more interactive reports, new chart types like shapefiles, funnel and donut, as well as new features for .NET developers will amaze you!

Download free trial version of List & Label 19
Check out new features and watch product video

List & Label Is Compatible With NuoDB Blackbirds 2.0

We congratulate our technology partner NuoDB to the release of NuoDB Blackbirds 2.0. It includes major new geo-distributed data management and database automation features, making it the first SQL/ACID compliant distributed database that delivers the holy grail of database technology. The upcoming version 19 of the List & Label reporting tool is compatible with NuoDB Blackbirds and offers a data provider.

Get the open source code
Website of our technology partner NuoDB

combit at the CodeRage 8 Developers Conference

Our Synergy Partner Embarcadero holds the CodeRage online conference from October 15th to 17th. International Embarcadero experts and known developers present their insider knowledge in various online sessions. The soon to be released version 19 of List & Label is compatible with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5.

Join: CodeRage 8 online conference
combit in the virtual exhibit hall

List & Label 19 is Coming Up – Take Advantage of Early Bird Offers

The next version of our reporting tool is about to take off: With List & Label 19 your application gets more interactive it will benefit from great new chart types. Discover the new features in our News brochure, especially for .NET programmers. Plus, we have fantastic Early Bird offers!

Check out the new features and save with the Early Bird offers.

combit is Visual Studio 2013 Launch Partner

combit is one of a select group of international SimShip partners of Microsoft, and will be part of the Virtual Launch of Visual Studio 2013 on November 13, 2013. This means we could ensure from an early stage that List & Label 19 fully supports the new dev environment. Don't miss the Virtual Launch and save the date.

VS2013 Virtual Launch: Save the date!
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Vote for LL in DevPro and SQL Server Pro Community Choice Awards

Our reporting tool is nominated again at the DevPro & SQL Server Pro Community Choice awards. We appreciate your vote for List & Label!

DevPro Categories: 2. Charting & Graphics Tool, 15. Printing/Reporting Tool, 24. Vendor Support
SQL Server Pro Categories: 2. Best BI & Reporting Product, 9. Best Vendor Tech Support

Summer Special: Save on Reporting Tool List & Label

This August, combit prices will get you in a real summer mood: The hotter it is at 9:00 a.m. in Constance, the more discount you get on the regular list price of reporting tool List & Label.

Until August 30th only: Save ready cash!

List & Label is One of the Best Programmer Libraries Worldwide

Our reporting tool has been honored as a finalist in the 2013 Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards. List & Label is one of the top six programmer libraries worldwide. The judges were excited about List & Label being "a powerful and intuitive report generator".

Press quotes of the reporting tool

web & mobile DEVELOPER Takes List & Label 18 Under The Microscope

A comprehensive review of the report generator List & Label has been published in the current issue 02/2013. The new version was put through its paces and thrilled the testers!

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