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List & Label Tested One-on-One by dotnetpro

In the current issue of German dotnetpro magazine, our reporting tool was put to a rigorous test. The conclusion of the extensive report: Top dog among the report generators, one for all!

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PC Magazin Once Again Rated List & Label as VERY GOOD

We are happy about another "VERY GOOD" for List & Label in the current issue of German PC Magazin! Editor Andreas Maslo particularly welcomes the fact that combit Report Server is now included in the Enterpise Edition. "Conclusion: The Enterprise Edition leaves nothing to be desired when designing and distributing reports."

Reviews about List & Label

Season's Greetings for All!

We're doing fine, but there are many in this world who depend on help. With this year's donation, we therefore support...

Doctors without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in emergency aid in Yemen
Save me Konstanz in various refugee integration projects
Pestalozzi Children's Village in Wahlwies in building a new family house
Greenpeace in the protection of the world's oceans
Friends of the Earth Germany in the protection of bees

We would be happy if you also decided to donate to make this world a better place, if that's possible for you. We wish you relaxing holidays with your loved ones and a happy new year!

New Case Study: List & Label in an Auction Invoicing Solution

"Going once, going twice, … going three times!" Then the gavel drops. We all know this ritual from auction houses but there are auctions every day in horse breeding, too. Back in the day, there used to be enough time to negotiate. A handshake was all it took to conclude the deal. Nowadays, horse auctions are handled at high speed. That's why software developers at WebDatabases were tasked by the Southern German Horse Marketing Company to develop an auction invoicing solution which can easily record and handle all the processes involved in the auction.

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List & Label 23 is Released

Version 23 of our reporting tool marks 25 years of List & Label software development. To celebrate the day, the new version brings a considerable performance boost, the Report Server in the Enterprise Edition and great innovations in the designer. There's a piece of the birthday cake for everyone! ;-)

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Shaping Tomorrow’s Reports: List & Label 23

Version 23 of our reporting tool will be released at the end of October. In addition to a significant increase in performance at the start of the designer and during printing, your users can expect great design possibilities with new display options in pie charts, donut charts, highlighted chart sections and much more. The Report Server is part of the Enterprise Edition from version 23 onwards, so you can offer your customers an immediately installable and ready-to-use reporting solution. In addition, web developers receive a completely browser-based alternative to the locally installed Web Designer for their application with the Ad-hoc Designer.

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combit Report Server: Version 4 is here!

Via drilldown, you can now easily 'drill' through hierarchical data. The 'Report sections' feature allows you to automatically generate tables of contents and index pages. The new charts, such as treemap and radar, as well as the improved crosstabs and much more will definitely get users excited.

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