Tables and Text

With the Report Server Designer you can present key business figures and text in a lucid, easy to understand way. You can create clearly structured tables and crosstabs, integrate PDF files, and much more.

Tables and subreports

Virtually every aspect of the table object can be freely configured: the data row area, group and table headers, and the layout as a whole. You can pull columns to the width you require, or enter precise dimensions into a dialog box. You can use nested tables – aka subreports – to create clearly structured reports on customers, details of orders, and more. Moreover, the Report Server Designer makes working with relational databases simplicity itself. Tables can be directly transferred to the Report Server complete with sort orders and the relationships between them.


Crosstabs display data in a multi-dimensional format. They answer questions such as “How do product sales vary between employees?” A wizard guides you through every step for straightforward crosstab creation. And to make working with crosstabs even easier, an array of special features such as pivot tables and Top-N reports have been included. The latter allow you to sort your data according to the results column, and to limit the number of hits displayed. For example, you can list the employees with the highest sales figures to produce a Top-3 report in no time at all.

Nested Tables

The Report Server Designer now allows to list e.g. the corresponding products and their revenues next to the category. Nested tables make this and other options possible. Tables in columns can even contain sub-tables.

Integrating PDF content

Including PDF content in your reports is simple. You no longer have to laboriously recreate or scan forms. All you need to do is place them directly into your report, create text fields where required, and you’re all set. You can also add key PDF documents, such as general terms and conditions or order forms, to a specific project. Every time you generate your report, all relevant PDF files will be inserted and will appear in the output file or print version.

Formatted text

The RTF object allows you to create mail merges and more – with all the formatting options of a small-scale word processor. And because you can link multiple RTF objects and allow them to overlap, you can use layout options such as multiple columns and word wrap around images and tables.

Other objects

The Report Server Designer includes a range of additional objects – from the classic text object to the HTML object.

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