Active Collaboration — Together Towards Success!

The growth markets of business intelligence (BI) reporting, enterprise reporting, and self-service reporting offer you many opportunities. In addition to software, you also sell consulting services, customizations, and training courses, thereby creating the foundation for long-term client relationships. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of the resulting cross-selling potential.


  • You work in the software industry and have a compelling online presence
  • For Reseller status, you will need to list combit Report Server on your website
  • For Power Reseller status, you will require an active subscription

Your Benefits

  • Discounted NFR version for your own use (size based on your requirements)
  • Qualified support during the sales process
  • Competent support from the manufacturer
  • Train the Trainer: discounted training courses

Recommend our Product

No available resources? Simply recommend Report Server to others and refer customers to us who have a genuine interest in making a purchase. When a sale is made, you will receive 10% of the licensing revenue generated.

Become a Reseller

You will impress your end customers with combit Report Server's features and resell the licenses. In addition to the software, you also offer consultations and services. Furthermore, you will list the Report Server on your website. When a sale is made, you will receive 25% of the licensing revenue generated.

Become a Power Reseller

Are you already a combit List & Label customer — our reporting component for developers — and have an active subscription? Would you like to offer the Report Server to complement your own software applications? If so, you will receive 40% of the licensing revenue generated when a sale is made.


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Sandra Knoche
Channel Sales

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T +1 800 256 3608 (toll-free in the US)
F +49 (0) 7531 906018

I look forward to a successful and fair collaboration. If you would like marketing material on our Report Server or have questions about it, I would happy to help.

Sandra Knoche, Sales Manager Reporting Products
+1 800 256 3608 (toll-free North America only)