Windows App for combit Report Server

With combit Report Server Client Windows app, you can access reports from the combit Report Server even faster. All you need is the Enterprise Edition of combit Report Server with version 2.0 or higher. Once installed, the corresponding app allows you, in addition to other tasks, to search through your report templates, view your reports or export them in PDF format — all with just a few clicks.

Download from the App Store

The Report Server Windows app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and is available in German and English. After downloading it, you can access your reports from Windows desktops and tablet PCs at any time with just a few clicks. The app is compatible with Windows 8.1 and the newly released Windows 10.

Search, export, pin to Start menu

The combit Report Server Client Windows app offers many features. For example, it has a convenient search function for reports. Furthermore, it is easy to view reports and also export them in PDF format. In addition, with just a single click, you can simply pin the most important reports to the Windows Start menu, allowing you to access them even quicker.

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