Report Output

You might need a simple list, a comprehensive report complete with graphics, an official form or some labels. The combit Report Server provides all this and more, at precisely the right time, and in the format of your choice. You can access reports yourself, have them delivered automatically via email or uploaded to an FTP or SharePoint server. And to check what your output will look like, you simply use the Report Server Designer’s preview function.

Interactive Preview

The interactive preview is optimized for mobile devices and brings reports to virtually any browser. You benefit from a range of interactive features, compatible with any operating system, including  intuitive sorting and expandable regions.

Server-Side Printing

Reports can be printed on one or more printers that are connected directly to the server. With a single click, they are available in the export profiles. Subsequently, various export formats can be configured with different settings.


Data-based Triggers

Changes in the data source trigger reports – or not, as the case may be. If a project filter in a report template does not supply any data, this report does not need to be distributed. This takes place via the interaction between multiple features in the Report Server in accordance with the principles of "data-driven-reporting".

Real Data Preview in the Designer

The combit Report Server Designer and its real data preview function are available to all users with a Windows operating system. You can continuously zoom into your document to check everything is correct before printing it or exporting it as a PDF, text or image file. Even particularly large projects are not a problem: you can begin viewing the first pages while the designer continues to generate the output in the background.

Collection Variables

Collection variables enable you to easily categorize data. For example, you can assign a specific color to collected data. In the combit Report Server Designer this additional information is available for chart colors, labels for crosstabs and more. This makes reports even more comprehensive, and offers end users richer and more intuitive functionality.

Endless Export Options

The combit Report Server enables you to export your data to all common formats. All standard options are available to you: from various bitmap and text formats  to vector graphics. You can define your desired export format when you begin creating your report.

Export Formats

Automatic Report Generation

For your task planning the Enterprise edition offers a multitude of options for automatically generating reports and uploading them to a SharePoint or FTP server. Once set up, this saves you a vast amount of time that you can then spend on other projects. To provide you with a reliable back-up, both Report Server editions automatically store the last 10 versions of a completed report. These can be reactivated and accessed at any time. Moreover, each report you generate is saved and retained for a user-defined period so you can call it up in no time at all.

Hassle-free distribution via email

Never again will you need to write your own report emails to colleagues or business partners. The Enterprise edition of the combit Report Server lets you automatically distribute your reports to pre-defined recipients – saving yourself the hassle. You benefit from fully editable mailing lists and a host of planning options – allowing you to define anything from your preferred report format to specific times and intervals for output generation.

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