combit Report Server Designer

The combit Report Server Designer is the powerful heart of the combit Report Server, based on the multiple award winning Report Designer combit List & Label. The intuitive handling and a wide range of visualization options enables you to create impressive and powerful reports in no time at all.

Impressive Objects

The Designer includes a large numer of object types: from simple ta­bles to comprehensive master-detail reports/sub­reports, crosstabs, charts, RTF texts, barcodes and much more. With the combit Report Server Designer visual highlights are guaranteed.

Conditional Formatting

Properties such as colors, font attributes, formatting and borders can be made dependent on a single value. A typical example: Targets that have been met are displayed in green. In combit Report Server conditional formatting is straightforward – without complicated conditions.

Manage Report Elements

The Report Elements feature is a central repository for frequently used standard content such as logos, terms and conditions, PDF files, images or text. They can be accessed quickly, at any time. The folder structure is fully customizable.

Create Your Own Design

Charts, crosstabs and other graphical reports shine quickly and easily in the perfect colors with the design scheme. Use one of the supplied color schemes or define your own in your corporate design colors.

Smart Tools

The combit Report Server Designer provides you with a number of desktop-publishing-style features at your fingertips that help you creating your report: from rulers to grids, and ruler guides, snap to ruler guides, snap to grid, zoom, align and group functionality.

Intuitive Ribbon UI

Thanks to the intuitive, easy comprehensible and straightforward ribbon even less experienced users find their way around in the combit Report Server Designer. What you see is what you get: that means that a whole page is treated as a whole page, rather than as a mixture of sections and bands. This is the easiest way of creating reports.

Direct and Individual Access

An important feature of the combit Report Server Designer is that it can be started independently of the web interface. Just click the Designer link on your desktop and all report templates available on the server will be shown in a directory structure, which can be comfortably edited then. Always have direct access to your reports and save time!

Custom Workspace

All tool windows can be docked or float even on a secondary monitor – the report stucture window as well as e.g. the objects, properties –, variable/field list-, layer-, or preview tool window which even includes a full text search. Optimally structure the objects on various layers and assign conditions to them. Easily make your way through relational data with the report structure window. In the variable/field list, all data is presented in a hierarchical tree for quick drag & drop processing.

Practical All-Rounder

Wherever conditional formatting needs to be applied, or data combined, converted, or displayed, the formula assitant is perfectly suited for the job. Via formulas, you can set almost every property depending on your data — from the font color to the printer tray — which has turned the assistant into an all-rounder in the combit Report Server Designer. In addition, values can also be aggregated in order to obtain e.g. the sum, average value, and minimum or maximum values of your data.

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