Fully Configurable Solution

The Report Server is your professional enterprise tool for up-to-the-minute reports. It allows you to structure your reports using templates, define schedules for them to be generated, give them the perfect appearance in the comprehensive designer, manage user rights in detail, and access all major data sources in real time.

Creating Report Templates

Creating new report templates in the Report Server is simplicity itself, despite all the details you can define – from the data source, to the export format and the retention period, to a schedule for automated report generation in line with your needs. Once this is set up, you are ready to start shaping your report in the combit Report Server Designer. And if required, you can access and restore the last 10 versions of your template via the template history.

Scheduled Reporting

The Enterprise Edition allows you to create a schedule for automated reporting. The output is then automatically and reliably distributed via email, FTP or MS SharePoint. For example, a report with the week’s sales figures can be generated every Friday at noon and sent to senior managers by email. At the same time, your file is saved on the intranet for archiving. The combit Report Server successfully frees up your time for other tasks.

Configuration of Data Sources

In order to create powerful reports, you need up-to-the-minute, comprehensive data. For this reason, the Report Server reliably connects to your information, wherever it resides. You can access all common data sources in real time. If your data sources use individual files, they can be pulled directly from a web server or from network shares. OData-, REST-, RSS-, XML- and JSON- based data sources also support automatic download from the Internet.

User Management Tailored to Your Needs

Group-based rights management enables you to precisely configure which users are permitted to distribute reports, edit templates or data sources, or administrate the entire system. You can group your users in line with your organizational structures or in any other way – whatever works best for your business processes. And with the domain support in the Enterprise edition, you can also import users from Active Directory.

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