Charts and Gauges

The Report Server Designer offers a wealth of chart types, from conventional bar charts to maps and Gantt charts. With their help, you can present your business figures to great effect and create highly attractive graphical analyses.

Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts and much more

With the Report Server, you can choose from a huge array of charts: pie charts, bar charts (vertical and horizontal), donut, funnel, pipeline, and cone charts, octahedrons and line charts. And that’s not all – they come with an array of design options: simple versions, in 2D or 3D, with multiple rows of columns, clustered or stacked. You can add your own labels and assign colors. What’s more, List & Label supports four-dimensional reporting in the form of bubble charts. The color and size of the bubbles, and their positions on the x- and y-axes are automatically generated from your data.

Shapefiles / Maps

Shapefiles are conventionally used for geovisualization with maps. The Report Server comes with a range of shapefiles of the earth, including seas and continents, which you can use right away. With georeferencing, data such as gross domestic product is shown directly on the maps.

Gauges for Dashboards

If you want to create management dashboards or cockpits, you can make use of combit Report Designer’s broad choice of gauges. These enable you to create at-a-glance overviews showing how the latest revenue figures compare to quarterly targets, for example. Various circular and semi-circular dials are available, plus graduated horizontal and vertical bars. You can customize your gauge’s dial style, color, range, border, needle style, and even the glass effect simulating a protective glass case.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are a quick and easy way to create schedules and timelines. Highly versatile, they can be used for many purposes – from vacation overviews to project management and machine maintenance plans. What’s more, Gantt charts support a variety of designs, time units, and bar types, and come with a hotspot preview.

Other Objects

Use the image object to incorporate graphics in various formats and shapes into your reports, enhancing their visual appeal.

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