Application Scenarios

Fully in line with the current Big Data, Mobile BI and Self-Service BI trend, the combit Report Server is the universal Business Intelligence tool for comprehensive, insightful ad-hoc analysis. Users can create reports based on the latest data quickly and easily whenever they want – on their company’s local server or via a web-based application.

Business Intelligence solution for all business divisions.
Business Intelligence

Our enterprise reporting solution is suitable for management accounting, sales and sales force management, competitor analysis, logistics optimization, and much more besides. All areas of the business use the same standardized, highly effective platform. Via the transparent rights management, each user can be offered exactly the functionality they need and can work with.


In the ad-hoc Designer design assistants help users rapidly create lists and charts independent of the Report Server Designer. For more complex tasks, it is possible to switch over to the powerful Report Server Designer at any time.

Query Assistant

The Query Assistant allows to effortlessly create queries which can be converted into SQL queries. MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL/MariaDB are supported. The use of this feature doesn't require any knowledge of SQL.

Individual SQL Queries

Complex requirements can be realized with the help of free SQL queries in SQL-based data sources. These queries are available as a table in the Report Server Designer and can be connected e.g. via user-defined relations.

Report Parameters

Report Parameters can be defined on exporting, in planned reports, the interactive preview and the designer; these make Big Data easier to manage. You easily realize multiple analyses within a single report template by filtering your data with different parameters such as country, date, etc. Previously, this required multiple templates.

Cockpits and Dashboards

Management dashboards and cockpits enable users to visualize all of a company’s processes, such as sales and production volumes, in a single report. Gauges resembling speedometers show how current figures compare to ideal, minimum and maximum values at a glance. A range of circular and part-circular dials and gauges, plus graduated vertical and horizontal bars, can be custom-configured in the combit Report Server Designer.

Universal Web Server Application

The combit Report Server is deployable in your company’s intranet or as an entirely web-based application on the Internet. It supports all operating systems, browsers and devices, enabling mobile BI. However, the server itself, and report creation in the Report Designer, require a Windows operating system.

Made-to-Measure Reporting Options

With the combit Report Server Designer, based on the multiple award-winning List & Label Designer, you can create insightful tables and high-impact charts. The possibilities are endless: from pie, donut and line charts, octahedrons and multi-rows, Gantt charts and shapefiles/maps, to dashboards with instruments visualizing the latest sales or other figures. You can include your own PDF content in reports and then output them in the format of your choice.

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