A New Breakthrough:
List & Label 20

List & Label 20 defies all limits. Many popular features have been perfected, .NET developers get exciting new features and the Designer has been enhanced in many ways. You equip your application with state-of-the-art features.

For developers working in a .NET environment, List & Label 20 offers multiple new features that make our report generator more intuitive and easy to use like multiple report containers, HTML5 viewer and filtering and 1:1 relations at database level.

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From the users point of view, the Designer forms the heart of our report generator. So we focused on maintaining maximum user friendliness, even for the more complex functions. With the format painter, for example, users will save many clicks when formatting objects.

Take a Tour!      Check Features in the News (PDF 3,7 MB)

Many tried-and-trusted List & Label features have been enhanced in version 20, and now come with added functionality. Even long-term users will discover a host of smart new innovations. Special Feature: With barcode optimization the quality of output barcodes gets an "A" level according to ISO/IEC 15416.

Take a Tour!      Check Features in the News (PDF 3,7 MB)

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List & Label is developed in-house. Because there are no barriers to communication, we can respond to market demands quickly and flexibly. This guarantees the high quality of our product. Customer requirements play a key role in our development process. Upgrades always deliver a variety of new features, and are frequently revised to ensure they remain cutting edge.

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