Reporting Redefined:
List & Label 19

With List & Label 19, your application gets more interactive with report parameters, collection variables, expandable regions and interactive sorting in tables. Geovisualization with shapefiles and the other new chart types donut, funnel and pipeline enhance your charting possibilities, and .NET programmers get new data providers and more.

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Highlights of List & Label 19 (8 Min.)

In version 19 numerous improvements such as more interactive reports and new chart types, as well as new features for .NET developers will amaze you! – presented to you by Head of Development Jochen Bartlau.
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List & Label 19 offers a host of new features, making reports even more comprehensive, and offering end users richer and more intuitive functionality, where supported by your application: Report parameters for easy filtering, expandable regions in the preview to provide hassle-free drill-down functionality, collection variables that let you group data according to your needs and now you can add a sorting function to headings in tables.

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Charts make sense of your data. Rather than wading through a mass of data, you can answer all your questions at a single glance. One key highlight in version 19 is shapefiles, which enable geovisualization and more. Users can display their data in even more ways, with the new funnel, pipeline, and donut charts. Plus, they can combine line and bar charts, and automatically generate lines of best fit and average lines.

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LL19 offers exciting new options for .NET and web developers. The new data provider – OData – enables simple web querying of entire databases. REST API allows you to hook your application up to CMS systems, feeds, and other data sources with just a few lines of code. Additionally you can use data providers to sort your label projects. Be up-to-date with Visual Studio 2013, higher-resolution displays, Windows 8.1 and export to SVG.

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List & Label is developed in-house. Because there are no barriers to communication, we can respond to market demands quickly and flexibly. This guarantees the high quality of our product. Customer requirements play a key role in our development process. Upgrades always deliver a variety of new features, and are frequently revised to ensure they remain cutting edge.

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