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We have relaunched our website in a brand new design. However, some parts of our website remain in the old style until they have been redesigned. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rules for Participating in combit Forums

Participation in our Forums via own posts is based upon certain rules. When posting via this web medium or a news reader, you confirm that you're in agreement with these rules. Going against these rules can cause you to be barred from our Forums. Please read the following rules carefully, before making your first post.


Content of the Forums

The purpose of the Forums is first of all for the users of our products to be able to share information and knowledge in regards to our products. Users have the ability to ask questions which other users can answer.

We're currently testing an active participation of our Support Team staff members. Please note that no response times are guaranteed - if you urgently require a response, the Support team is at your direct disposal anytime. We would ask you to direct your severe problems, general wishes, suggestions, critique or even complaints to the respective departments within our enterprise. We can then guarantee that you will be assisted quickly by the correct "source" and we'll have the opportunity to get to the source of the problem or critique.



All public Forums are moderated. New posts only appear after having been cleared by the moderator. This can lead to the delay of posts during main office hours, as well as outside combit's office hours. The moderator simply makes sure that the rules are followed, but does not answer the questions. Posts on inappropriate topics are not accepted. If a post is rejected by the moderator, an attempt will be made to inform the author via e-mail.


Formatting and Content of Posts

Each post must

  • contain the author's true, real name. Pseudonyms, aliases, etc. are not allowed.
  • contain the author's true email address. The address at which the author can be reached if questions occur.
  • be posted in plain text, html posts are not accepted.

Not acceptable are

  • file attachments.
  • questions in regards to internal license protection and/or copyrights.
  • links to external non-combit websites. 


Advertisements, Spam, Insults, etc.

Posting advertisements/spam is not permitted in our Forums. Insults to other users, companies and/or combit are not accepted.


Legal Notes

Please be aware that the posts do not originate from combit. We simply offer the technical medium for user communication purposes. combit does not accept any responsibility for cleared posts. combit cannot guarantee that the posts contain correct or optimum solutions to problems/questions. When making changes, we generally suggest that you completely back up your data in order to prevent data loss.

  • Please also be aware of the combit Software License Agreement and the stipulations therein.
  • Modifications to the Forums are subject to change without notice.
  • The availability of the Forums is not guaranteed.
  • There is no right of publication of a posting.
  • Forums can, if deemed necessary, be closed or discontinued.

Please also take notice of the following hints that refer to answers from our Support Team:

  • The information given by combit or the Support Team is for purely informative purposes and does not stand under guarantee.
  • Although our goal is to give you the best information we can, errors and mistakes may occur.
  • In some cases the information has been given in order to help you with a special task, even though the product wasn't necessarily meant for that specific purpose.
  • This information does not have an effect on your product guarantee.


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