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List & Label Windows 7 Support

Article KBTE000743 

Product(s): List & Label 12, List & Label 13, List & Label 14, List & Label 15, List & Label 16, List & Label 17, List & Label 18, List & Label 19
Category: General information
Date: 9/12/2013

Starting with version 15, List & Label offers support for Windows 7. Besides just being compatible, this version also automatically supports a couple of Windows 7 specific features. The progress is displayed within the task bar icon and Aero Peek shows the Designer window if the Designer is currently open.

Older versions may run correcly with Windows 7, however we didn't do any testing in this regard. If you encounter problems or errors under Windows 7 with these older versions, you need to reproduce the issue with a supported OS in order to get support. Please note that we may not apply changes to older versions but are happy to help finding workarounds.

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